Your luck &work in horoscopy 16/10/2018

Towers and astronomer

To all fans and lovers of towers and astronomy before we begin to say that it is always a set of expectations and guesses and not knowledge of the unseen (the knowledge of the unseen God alone), but we take them



in terms of entertainment and move away from the problems of life when we roam between the planets and swim in the world of astronomy and We meet the group of towers, some of which makes you optimistic, including what makes you smile and ……………. etc. So go us there.


1 – Aries
You are satisfied and grateful when you are healthy and have sufficient energy to meet your goals.

2 – Taurus
You are always looking for comfort and feel happy when you are in the places you love and satisfaction resides in your hearts even in difficult times.

3 – Gemini
Friendship is the most important thing that makes you feel happy and you love to communicate with others and cherish your loyal friends.

4 – Cancer
You have a high sensitivity and exaggerated and you think that your family standing next to you a kind of pity on you, try to give up this idea and know that they love you and want you good.

5 – Lion
Getting started in life and enjoying it will make you feel happy and satisfied. The energy that comes with you will push you to the outside world and engulf you with love in the direction of those around you.

6 – Virgo
Your exit from the daily routine is what makes you feel happy and happy, do not get yourself into it, and make a balance between daily routine and normal life, it brings you out of fatigue and effort.

7 – Libra
Your romantic nature makes you feel good and safe. It is in the inner peace with self and tolerance of those around you.

8 – Scorpio
You love to trust people and appreciate you, though you are a well of secrets that you do not like to bring out to anyone.

9 – Sagittarius Tower
Your love for adventure and life experiences and departure is the peak of your happiness in life and make your heart beat with joy.

10 – Capricorn Tower
Achieving yourself and getting the work you find yourself is one of the most satisfying things about yourself and what life does.

11 – Aquarius
The freedom to discover life and start for you, like water and air, you can not do without them and do not give up for any reason.

12 – Pisces Tower
Your friendly and romantic personalities make you feel safe and secure in your family

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Towers and astronomer   To all fans and lovers of towers and astronomy before we ...

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