Your luck &work in horoscopy 15/10/2018

Towers and astronomer

To all fans and lovers of towers and astronomy before we begin to say that it is always a set of expectations and guesses and not knowledge of the unseen (the knowledge of the unseen God alone), but we take them



in terms of entertainment and move away from the problems of life when we roam between the planets and swim in the world of astronomy and We meet the group of towers, some of which makes you optimistic, including what makes you smile and ……………. etc. So go us there.

1 – Aries
This time is suitable for change and renewal during the year and expand your knowledge and make yourself a good opportunity, especially in the field of work.

2 – Taurus
Discover the value of love amid the problems and you have a strong will in all areas, but you must be careful and careful in your movements to maintain health and safety and prohibits accidents.

3 – Gemini
There is an atmosphere of love, a relationship of a better life partner and a non-married couple have a great chance of love.

4 – Cancer
You have the enthusiasm and the courage to start today and you tend to a little isolation but over time improve your situation in everything from love, work, health and money.

5 – Lion
Discover yourself again and it can lead you to new professional fields and successful social relationships.

6 – Virgo
You have a great breakthrough and treatment of outstanding problems, whether at work or in the relationship with friends and tried to win the support of people to you it provides you with self-confidence.

7 – Libra
You may have many opportunities to make a profit and you have the ability to start professionally from this moment on.

8 – Scorpio
Prepare for double efforts in the field of work and maintain your money in anticipation of difficulties and obstacles.

9 – Sagittarius Tower
Your life is unusual and unconventional in terms of work and love and you have a determination and will not stand before your insistence something.

10 – Capricorn Tower
Beware of confusion and confusion, but in the midst of the problems you will find sincere friends who support you and have a practical spirit that can help you to develop at work.

11 – Aquarius
You have an interest in the other party and patience and give the opportunity to the other party, and there are possibilities of rapprochement is great and is considered a quiet day and non-married you have a chance to achieve your dreams and desires in love.

12 – Pisces Tower
This is a time of great work and development in all areas and you can reach your goals and achieve many financial gains

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