Your luck &work in horoscopy 13/10/2018

Towers and astronomer


To all fans and lovers of towers and astronomy before we begin to say that it is always a set of expectations and guesses and not knowledge of the unseen (the knowledge of the unseen God alone), but we take them



in terms of entertainment and move away from the problems of life when we roam between the planets and swim in the world of astronomy and We meet the group of towers, some of which makes you optimistic, including what makes you smile and ……………. etc. So go us there.

1 – Aries
Getting to know a lot of people can start with a new job or lose your job and may give up a personal relationship.


2 – Taurus
Your work accumulates, do not engage in a sharp discussion with a colleague, pay attention to your food and comfort.


3 – Gemini
You go through difficult times and make your way up to reach stability and wisdom in actions and make up for lost time.


4 – Cancer
You face trouble in things that are related to your home or family, be more patient while dealing with a family member.


5 – Lion
Emotional life experiences many challenges and changes to the lover or partner and be warned of hasty relations.


6 – Virgo
There is a chance to earn money from extra work, however be careful in your financial steps and make sure your money is lost or stolen.


7 – Libra
It goes through many times of movement and suspense, carrying love in various aspects after folding a page of suffering and sporadic problems.


8 – Scorpio
Things move around you slowly and hard, adjust your nerves while dealing with others, pay attention to your health.


9 – Sagittarius
Unique opportunities, interspersed with partnership, engagement and an extraordinary and decisive meeting in personal and professional life.


10 – Capricorn
Your attention is directed towards your work and your relationship with officials. Do not interfere with them.


11 – Aquarius
A boom in emotional life and an atmosphere of romance may have evolved into marriage, family expansion, future engagements and planning.


12 – Pisces
Enter the required adjustment on your budget, check a joint account and reduce the expenses.


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