Your luck in astronomy today 07/10/2018

Towers and astronomer


To all fans and lovers of towers and astronomy before we begin to say that it is always a set of expectations and guesses and not knowledge of the unseen (the knowledge of the unseen God alone), but we take them



in terms of entertainment and move away from the problems of life when we roam between the planets and swim in the world of astronomy and We meet the group of towers, some of which makes you optimistic, including what makes you smile and ……………. etc. So go us there


1 – Aries
The opportunity is available for additional financial gain, in the afternoons active in travel and communications.


2 – Taurus
Your confidence in yourself is great and activity is great. You can pay for your interests in the afternoons.


3 – Gemini
What you feel from the fatigue and decline in health in the morning hours disappear with the approach of noon back where you start a better period to restore your activity and vitality.


4 – Cancer
Active among the friends and you find cooperation from them, from the hour back, pay more attention to your health.


5 – Lion
The opportunity is still available for success in the business, in the afternoon you are happy to meet friends.


6 – Virgo
Stay active in a travel or distant connection and keep your passion strong, in the evenings you maintain your reputation and your social interests.


7 – Libra
Reorganize your finances, be aware of your health, in the evening you will be active in a travel or a distant connection.


8 – Scorpio
Your attention is focused on strengthening your partnership. In the afternoon you re-adjust your finances.


9 – Sagittarius
Accumulate your work, do what is necessary without exaggerating your physical effort, in the afternoons active in a travel or remote connection.


10 – Capricorn
You generally pass through a positive period of gathering you with your friends. In the afternoons your work accumulates, do not neglect your health.


11 – Aquarius
You are busy controlling your home and family affairs. In the afternoons, you want to find a common denominator that brings you together.


12 – Pisces Tower
You have plenty of communication and mobility and you can go out on a short stroll – in the evening you prefer to focus on your home and family interests


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